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Ilkhab Salahuddin

Why must you divide the essence of God in your concept? that tantamounts to shirk. Is it not that you are aware that no one can comprehend His essence? and then you will devise a concept of dividing it?

I recommend that you try to conceptualize again and find a better direction of a clear manifestation without meddling His essence. That is a grave sin.


Ustaz  Hussien Abdul Latiff

The Essence which is lesser than a grain of sand is within the larger Essence such as a bubble within the ocean. Hence Rasulullah saw had said, “I am but in the grip of the Essence”. Is the Holy Prophet saw dividing the Essence?
No one can see the Essence as Rasullullah saw had said those who happened to glimpse the Essence will destroyed


Artikel tanya jawab ini diperuntukkan bagi yang sudah memahami kajian Makrifatullah. Apabila ada diantara pembaca yang belum memahami, harap terlebih dahulu membaca SILABUS KAJIAN dan mengikuti dengan runut pembahasan satu per satu sejak awal.



Yayasan Makrifatullah Sedunia (YAMAS) - Indonesia

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