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Salam. I sense a tinge of negativeness from your part towards tariqah’s. I read in one of your summaries you have quoted Sheikh Abd. Qadir Jilani, whom has a strong Qadariyyah following around the world. So may i ask are his ways and teachings of attaining spirituality the right path?
You also mentioned that they have murid’s have to undergo several stages before they would be able to attain spiruality, and whether they are necessary. I would compare that to askin what is the purpose of a pilot attaining fyling hours, what is the purpose of a doctor of undergoing housemanship or what is the purpose of a lawyer serving the bar? These are the stages they need to undergo before the are fully prepared. Why arent they just thrown straight into their profession solely based on what they learnt in their universities? These i believe is to prepare them for the task ahead. This would be my understanding of the two stages.
On a lighter note, i appreciate your website for the effort put in and i in no ill intention post these question except out of my curiosity.


Ustaz A L Hussien

We teach Tasawuf which leads to Marifah whereas many Tariqats bestow to their dervishes meditation (Zikr) without accompanying it with lectures on Tasawuf. Hence many I met became bewildered after years of meditation yet did not obtain Makrifah. Many too I met are get entangeled with the concept of “Wahdatul Wujud” and “Nur Muhammad” without realising that these concepts are rejected by Syariah. Worst still, many thought that the meditation (Zikr) is Tasawuf.

You cannot train a surgeon or lawyer by practice only without accompanying it with the necessary knowledge.


Artikel tanya jawab ini diperuntukkan bagi yang sudah memahami kajian Makrifatullah. Apabila ada diantara pembaca yang belum memahami, harap terlebih dahulu membaca SILABUS KAJIAN dan mengikuti dengan runut pembahasan satu per satu sejak awal.



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