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Ilkhab Salahuddin

I cant blame you for adopting dzatiya concept, but i have to tell you that as far as i am concern. dzatiya concept is unacceptable because it alters the divine essence of God. If your basis are 1. Lesser than a particle of sand and 2. like the full moon in the sky (you can block it with your thumb) but Allah is greater than this. These sayings are metaphorical and not comparative. Just like what Nabi Hayder told Musa the comparison of the volume of water that wet the beak of a bird and the whole ocean as likened unto the knowledge of God as large as the ocean and that being shared by the whole creations from the beak of the bird.
Going to the 3 concept, to me these 3 are not concept but are contiguous part in attaining the His oneness,

While, Wahdatul Syuhud is the process how to unveil the secret of SHUHUDUL WAHDA FIL KASHRA WA SHUHUDUL KASHRA FIL WAHDA. This process will bring you to the position of attaining KULLU SHAYIN KHALIKUN ILLA WAJHA which will bring out clearly the manifestation of wahdatul ujud. If wahdatul ujud is attained then only one will understand ANA MIN NURILLA WA KHALAKA KULLUHUM MIN NUR. And when this hadith is understood then you will find the way back through INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIUN when you have attained the first death. This means you have accomplished ARRIFUNIY SUMMA FATAHBUDUNIY, KUNTU KANJAN MUHFIYYAN FA AHBABTU AN AHRAF FA KHALAKTUL KHALQ, ANA MAUJUDUN FATLUBNIY, TAJIDNIY ARRIFUNIY SUMMA FATAHBUDUNIY. WASSALAM


Ustaz A L Hussien

“ANA MIN NURILLA WA KHALAKA KULLUHUM MIN NUR” is a false hadith. From my research in doing my Phd in Tasawuf, this is saying created by believers in the concept of “Nur Muhammad” and not a hadith. Dr Yusuf Al Qardawi had fatwa that there are no ahadith pertaining to Nur Muhammad which can be based for our Aqidah.


Artikel tanya jawab ini diperuntukkan bagi yang sudah memahami kajian Makrifatullah. Apabila ada diantara pembaca yang belum memahami, harap terlebih dahulu membaca SILABUS KAJIAN dan mengikuti dengan runut pembahasan satu per satu sejak awal.



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